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  Nintendo DS Detailed  
Posted 2004-03-17 by Tony Walsh
According to CNN, a report authored by P.J. McNealy of American Technology Research reveals some new and unusual features of Nintendo's next-gen handheld console:
  • Instant Messaging functionality

  • users type messages on a touch screen using a stylus

  • free wireless gaming

  • I'm not sure how useful these features will be in actuality (or how "free" the wireless component will be), but the DS will have to offer radically-different functionality to the Game Boy Advance in order to be the next big thing. More of the same just won't cut it.
      Gametrac:  The New N-Gage  
    Posted 2004-02-10 by Tony Walsh
    Let's flood the market with handheld devices. After all, the N-Gage has been a collosal success, and the Nintendo DS looks incredibly promising.

    Introducing the WinCE-powered Gametrac. It's a gaming console. It's a media-player. It's a GPS. It's a camera. It's a wireless texter. It'll be unloaded on the UK this year. Will it succeed?
      GBA, Nintendo DS Mumblings  
    Posted 2004-02-06 by Tony Walsh
    Jason Bergmen over at Shacknews reviews the uncertified GBA Movie Player, which uses Compact Flash Cards to store and play movies, music and plain text files.

    Over at 1-up, there's news of publisher THQ's dismay at the lack of support for Nintendo DS development. THQ, the "biggest third-party publisher of Game Boy Advance games in North America" has yet to declare it will be producing DS titles. More fuel for the suck fire.
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