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  Stephen Notley’s Furious Foliage  
Posted 2002-05-01 by Tony Walsh
Ever since the industrial age, Mother Nature has been holding a grudge against the entire human race. It took awhile for her to rig Stephen Notley's birth in 1970, but once the youngster was unleashed into the wilds of Alberta, the seed was planted for Bob the Angry Flower to bloom in the golden summer of 1992.

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  Do I Want My ZeD TV?  
Posted 2002-04-01 by Tony Walsh
The CBC wants you to know that ZeD is not just a television show. On March 18, host Bif Naked put on her best gangsta drawl to tell us "This ain't no Hockey Night in Canada." Billed as "open source television," ZeD's producers call the show an experiment in trans-media. ZeD's web site ( offers not only the opportunity for dialogue between viewers and show producers, but creative Canadians can use the web site to add their own productions to the ZeD pot. "As with all good experiments, you start off with a sound theory and then you see all the different chemistry going into the mix," says ZeD production executive Rae Hull. "That's when you start to get the sparkle and the firecrackers. The part that's going to be interesting now is going to be people uploading content."

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Posted 2002-02-26 by Tony Walsh

Turns out those AOL disks are actually good for something. A 7 year-old created a solar oven out of the CDs and won a science fair prize cooking pizzas. "We ate two and gave two to the dog," said young ovenmaster Thomas-Jay Burgess. []

I don't know what it is about Nintendo and seizures, but a Louisiana mother is suing Nintendo on the grounds that her 30 year-old son died from video-game-inflicted seizures.  Maybe *she* should be sued for letting her man-child play Nintendo-64 games for 48 hours a week.

Sweeeet! A recycling fee could be imposed to cover the costs of reclaiming hazardous electronic scrap in the U.S. Two bills were proposed regarding recycling computer equipment. The first saddles consumers with the cost of recycling, and the second would force manufacturers to label computer equipment "hazardous" and set up a system for taking back obsolete equipment.
There are already a number of nonprofit organizations that are more than happy to take your used hardware. Check out Share The Technology (USA) or reBOOT Canada.

Someone on this plane was obviously cursed. [link>andrew]

  Of Christians and Lions and Little Wizards  
Posted 2002-01-31 by Tony Walsh
To say that Christians have never appreciated magic and mythology is a bit of an understatement. After all, ancient fundamentalists used to throw witches onto the fire just to keep warm. While such violent outbursts may be ancient history, the flames of Christian ire still burn brightly. On December 30, 2001, a church group in Alamogordo, New Mexico held a holy bonfire into which Harry Potter books were cast. Pastor Jack Brock, the man who arranged the Alamagordo book burning, told a local reporter: “The greatest danger is these children are enamoured with Potter and they go on the internet to learn more about the book, and they're directed to other places where they can see information about Wicca.” Fortunately for the Pastor, the internet's double-edged sword has also carved out a path for his people.

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  Bruce Campbell  
Posted 2001-11-05 by Tony Walsh
Bruce Campbell is North America's most infamous cult movie star. His square-jawed filmography spans two decades, launching with the shlock-horror classic Evil Dead and including such big budget films such as Congo and Escape From L.A. He is also well known for his television roles, most notably the part of Brisco County Junior and Autolycus, King of Thieves from the Hercules and Xena series.

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Posted 2001-10-29 by Tony Walsh
  • I rented Silent Hill 2 for PS2 over the weekend, the sequel to the PSX game. I hadn't played the first game, just watched others play. This one looked similar, although the graphics are stunning. The game play seemed basically the same, and took a loong while to get interesting. Aside from some basic puzzles, I had to resort to the Web for walkthroughs with The Baker telling me what to do next. I can't see how many of these puzzles could be solved without cheating. Anyway, the game is scary, but somewhat tedious. I was more interested in the story moving along than running around the town of Silent Hill in the fog.
  • Ginger Snaps. Watch it.
  • This is the somewhat inflated intro to my Bruce Campbell interview in November's Exclaim: "His is not a household name. His mug won't open any movies. But Bruce Campbell has made a good living on the fringes of Hollywood. Tony Walsh talks to Campbell about the early days of the Evil Dead, and how Tom Arnold journeyed from hog butcher to McHale's Navy." Umm, yeah... first of all I opened our phone conversation telling Bruce I wasn't going to ask any Evil Dead questions. And Tom Arnold was mentioned in passing. But that's Hollywood, I guess.
      Bruce Campbell’s Zombies of Hollywood  
    Posted 2001-10-26 by Tony Walsh
    Hollywood stinks. People say this in hushed, timid tones, but few have ever dared to cut through that stench for fear of what might be uncovered. But there's a hero on the horizon. Enter Bruce Campbell, revving up an unstoppable chainsaw called If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor.

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      Novelist Jim Munroe Plays Games  
    Posted 2001-06-29 by Tony Walsh
    Jim Munroe writes novels to pay the bills, but would rather be making video games. A couple of years ago, HarperCollins Canada published his first novel, Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask. The experience so bolstered Munroe's hatred of the mainstream publishing industry that he published his second novel Angry Young Spaceman himself. With the same amount of sales and a better profit margin than his first novel, the 29-year-old Jim Munroe seems to have developed a killer strategy for self-publishing. A strategy he threatens to apply to the web, to video games and beyond.

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      I Want My Net TV  
    Posted 2001-01-26 by Tony Walsh
    The future of television is evolving right before our eyeballs. Canada leads G-7 nations in internet-wired computers per household, and the CRTC is actually considering naming high-speed Internet access (also known as "broadband") an Essential Service to Canadians. Canadian broadcasters are poised to blur the lines between television and the Web. Watch this.

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      Bites:  MINI ME  
    Posted 2000-11-22 by Tony Walsh
  • At twenty inches tall, and weighing in at ten pounds, Sony's latest robot is no Terminator. Yet. The LA Times reports on Sony's soccer-playing bipedal bot. Supplemental- I found an interesting blurb on Sony Japan's site about the bot's creator, Toshi Doi .
  • Check out this crazy netgamer from Oakville. He has a whole warehouse for LAN parties, and hosts them every 6 weeks. The downside is you have to bring your own rig. I am seriously considering buying a PC next year for many reasons, and gaming is only one of them :)
  • Yoinked off Camworld from yesterday, yet another Micro$oft Borg move- "MS-HTML". This form letter to webmasters explains it all.
  • Game-Skins . Tee shirts for serious geeks. I like the " Roots " tee. [link>russ]
  • The new Pentium IV sucks ass. So sayeth PC World . Thanks, McQuade :)
  • Snagglepuss was the first openly gay cartoon character. Scooby Doo's Fred was the second.
  • Google is my new favorite search engine.
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