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  Attack Of The Biotech Tomatoes  
Posted 2003-12-19 by Tony Walsh
It appears that even scientists can't even tell genetically-modified organisms from natural ones. Researchers at the University of California have been mistakenly sending their peers GM tomato seeds for the last seven years. [story]

25-seed shipments were sent to "12 U.S. institutions, 14 foreign research facilities and two demonstration gardens." Fittingly, the gaffe itself was discovered by accident. The university claims minimal harm has been done, since the FDA approved the tomatoes.

There were 700 seeds sent out. Are all of them accounted for?
  Consumers Love Frankencorn?  
Posted 2003-12-03 by Tony Walsh
A Guelph University study recently published in the British Food Journal shows that consumers preferred GE corn over natural corn. Sounds like a battle-cry for the GE food industry, doesn't it?

Except that the market test was done in 2000, so public awareness of GE food wasn't what it might be today. Consumers who participated in the study were informed that GE food production requires less pesticides-- but were they informed about the potential health risks of GE food? Consumer opinions were based on the information they were given: Even the lead researcher said "The study shows that attitudes towards GE foods may depend on what benefits they offer."

A press release issued by Guelph University regarding the study says that "Given the very specific and limited nature of the trial (one farm during one season), no conclusions can be drawn on whether the effects are scale-dependent."
  Zoos Bad  
Posted 2003-10-02 by Tony Walsh
What a surprise. Zoos are too small for large animals, and cause them to pace around. You know, like restless prisoners. And here we were thinking animals liked to be caged.

  Global Warming Kills 160,000 Annually  
Posted 2003-10-02 by Tony Walsh
While probably insignificant compared to deaths caused by smoking, the World Health Organization says that 160,000 people die each year from side-effects due to global warming, such as malaria and other diseases. The WHO speculates the disease burden could double by 2020, hitting developing nations the hardest, and affecting children in those countries the worst.

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  Goodbye, Ward Hunt Ice Shelf!  
Posted 2003-09-23 by Tony Walsh
Earth just lost its largest ice shelf, which split in two and spilled an entire fresh water lake into the ocean. [story] The Ward Hunt Ice Shelf, which had been intact for at least 3,000 years, was subjected to increased temperatures over the last 50 years due to global warming, and is now gone. It follows the Larsen B Ice Shelf, which disintegrated in only one month last year [clickback].
  Ozone Hole Now Impossibly Huge  
Posted 2003-09-15 by Tony Walsh
Seems like every slow news day, somebody comes up with a report about how big or small the ozone layer is.

In July, scientists were crowing about how the hole was starting to recover [clickback]. Then in August, they were saying how the hole was going to get bigger [clickback].

And now, it's bigger than God: "We don't know if the hole has finally peaked, is over the top and on the way down or still has a bit further to go." In other words, "I have no idea what's going on."
  Have You Herd?  
Posted 2003-08-28 by Tony Walsh
Bad beef in Ontario. Mass-starvation of deer and bison in Saskatchewan game farms. It's been a tough week for grazing animals in Canada, the people who love them, and the people who love to eat them. The upswing is that for the first time ever, vegetarians and carnivores are both outraged at the practices of factory-style animal handling.
  Evil Beef  
Posted 2003-08-27 by Tony Walsh
Forget mad cow, this is died-of-natural-causes-cow. Carnivores across Ontario, Canada are bristling about dubious local beef produced by Aylmer Meat Packers plant. Yesterday Ontarians had to guess about the reasons for the Aylmer crackdown, but today we know it's because they are accused of pumping out cows that aren't even fit for animals to eat. Now that's saying something, considering they'll feed just about any old crap to animals.
  Antarctic Ozone Hole Growing  
Posted 2003-08-22 by Tony Walsh
Despite noises to the contrary [clickback] it seems the ozone situation is not yet stable. In fact, an ozone hole which currently encompasses the entire Antarctic is expected to get even bigger this year. Hey, who needs the Antarctic anyway? [story]
  West Nile Roundup  
Posted 2003-08-21 by Tony Walsh
The United States has been plagued with about 600 human cases of West Nile this year, and two hard-hit Colorado counties have recently declared public health emergencies. [source]

Meanwhile up in Canada, the first victim residing in the Greater Toronto Area has turned up, and is the third in Ontario this year. [source] In Saskatchewan, health officials consider the 11 probable cases an outbreak. Neighbouring Manitoba announced its first case on Tuesday [source] and on the east coast, Halifax discovered its first case of the virus today. It is believed the Halifax man contracted the illness in Colorado. [source]
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