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  Killing Trees For Fun And Profit  
Posted 2003-08-01 by Tony Walsh
In the midst of considering printing options for not only a newly-completed 24-page Rat Boy comic book as well as the long-term goal of producing a book based on Gloomveil, I have a number of options at hand.

Eco-friendly printing is pretty much out of the question since it is so expensive. I'll just ignore that little voice screaming "But can you afford *not* to pollute?"

Aside from finding a local printer, the print-on-demand arena is still something worth investigating. CafePress now has their own POD service but its no cheaper than going to a local copy shop-- prices are about three cents a page, and square-binding costs seven bucks a copy, so you know your cost is going to be at least ten bucks US plus shipping. Jos pointed out BookSurge the other day, which is one of the many POD services out there. At least they have a Business Case for On-Demand Distribution that you can download.
  Finger Stuck In Ozone Dike  
Posted 2003-07-30 by Tony Walsh
I suppose it's good news that the depletion of the ozone layer has slowed since 1997, a development hailed as the result of CFC bans. But slowing doesn't mean stopping. And slow depletion is the exact opposite of ozone recovery, unless you talk to Professor Michael Newchurch of the University of Alabama:

"This is the beginning of a recovery of the ozone layer... We had a monumental problem of global scale that we have started to solve." [story] Silly scientists, when will you ever learn?
  Warning:  Foolish Humans At Work  
Posted 2003-07-03 by Tony Walsh
Despite the fact that frogs have been dying off in unusual numbers for several years now, scientists have decided that they need technology to tell them whether or not the planet is in trouble.

A so-called "early warning system" currently being deployed will include 17 hi-tech observatories across North America that continuously monitor changes to the patterns of life and the environment. [source]

So what will we do when we discover warning signs? Probably the same thing we've been doing since the Industrial Revolution: Ignore them.
  Invertebrates At Large  
Posted 2003-07-02 by
School-bus-sized blob washes ashore in Chile.

In other news, the Global Strangeness Factor climbs 2 points.
  The Earth Gets Asthma  
Posted 2003-06-30 by Tony Walsh
"New satellite information from Brazil has revealed a sharp increase in the rate of destruction of the Amazonian rainforest." [story] The Amazon is the world's largest rainforest, home to a third of Earth's animal and plant life, and is known as "the lungs of the Earth." Without a healthy Amazon we're all going to enjoy a lot less oxygen.
  Critters Of The Abyss  
Posted 2003-06-24 by Tony Walsh
Scary sea-monsters were recently unveiled after being dredged up from the depths of the Tasman Sea. 500 species of fish and 1300 of invertebrates were found, including the fangtooth, which "has teeth longer than its head. To avoid piercing its own brain when it shuts its mouth, the teeth fit into opposing sockets." Cool! [story]
  GM Pets Mostly Harmless  
Posted 2003-06-17 by Tony Walsh
Genetically-modified pets are cute and cuddly. They are mostly sterile, so you mostly don't have to be concerned about them making babies with compatible species. The Night Pearl is a "bio-fish" (see, they already have a cute name) that glows in the dark, and is manufactured by the Taikong Corporation of Taiwan. [story]

Once we're all comfortable with GM pets, GM humans will be an easy sell.
  World vs. War  
Posted 2003-06-17 by Tony Walsh
Jane Goodall, better known to some as "the chimp lady," writes from a personal perspective about the devestating effects war has on our fragile ecosystem:

"Another world war has been ignited, and the effect on all living things is likely to be catastrophic. Indeed, it is possible that the environment, already stressed in many places close to the point of no return, will be unable to recover." [story]
  Big Fish Nearly Extinct  
Posted 2003-05-15 by Tony Walsh
Tuna, marlin, swordfish, cod... We've used them all up. There are 90% less of these large fish left today than in the 1950s due to overfishing. Hard to imagine we've nearly wiped out several species of fish, but congratulations, Human Race, on being expert gluttons. Oh, enjoy that tuna salad sandwich, by the way. [story]
  Convenience Kills  
Posted 2003-04-25 by Tony Walsh
All that modern crap we use every day, such as "microwave-safe" plastics and Gore-Tex, is having dire consequences on us and the world around us. reports that the chemical used in Teflon and Gore-Tex is found in the blood of 92% of Americans, and has been shown to reduce fetal weight, delays in maturation, and kidney problems in rats. According to the journal "Current Biology," a commonly used plastic ingredient might cause human reproduction problems. A Swedish study found that a flame retardant used in TV sets, computer circuit boards and other materials is rapidly accumulating in human breast milk. "The chemical is thought to cause thyroid cancer and possibly neurodevelopmental problems in test animals."

The USAToday article covers wide territory on the biohazard landscape, revealing both sides of the "acceptible risk" conflict.
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