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  New Rat Boy Games!  
Posted 2002-10-28 by Tony Walsh
Alrighty, I got busy on Friday and cranked out two new Rat games. Space station racing: Jetboarder! Tetris clone: Brickyard. Hey, if anyone has some Flash game source code lying around, send it to me so I can do a quick and dirty reskin job. I'm no programmer, but I bastardize just fine :)
  He is Just a Rat  
Posted 2002-10-25 by Tony Walsh
I've been tweaking the Rat Boy site, gearing up for the upcoming weekly strips, and have added a nifty Flash game entitled Rat Boy vs. The Vampires! Which works suspiciously like Pac Man. There are ten unique levels, which took me at least 20 minutes to get through. There's a large screen version also available for the high-res crowd.
  Another one bites the dust  
Posted 2002-10-24 by Tony Walsh
Yet another guy died after playing video games for, like, a million hours in a row or something. He died of exhaustion. [story] Scratch that, he died of extreme stupidity. Hey, I've done some marathon sessions myself, but anything over 8 hours and my fingers start to turn into wood.
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-10-18 by Tony Walsh
Despite beefing up security on new versions of the Xbox game console, the box has been hacked, allowing "mod chippers" to continue exploit the Xbox, and by extension, gamers to play bootlegged games.
  I am Goth- hear me pout!  
Posted 2002-10-18 by Tony Walsh
Gother Than Thou is a new card game that pits weak-wristed Goths against each other in a frenzy of misery. Earn 20 Goth Points and win- just like real life!
  Transforming robots, next-gen consoles  
Posted 2002-10-16 by Tony Walsh
I played a few rounds of the new Robotech:Battlecry game last night with Jos. The game is fairly good-- much better in single-player (story) than 2-player (vs.)-- but has a lot of minor design flaws that point to a rush job. The original voice actors from the animated series make a repeat performace for the game, which isn't necessarily a good thing...
Next on the transforming robot lineup, and from the same decade, the Transformers appear to be coming to a modern console near you.
  Interplay delisted from Nasdaq  
Posted 2002-10-09 by Tony Walsh
Long rumoured to be in trouble, game publisher Interplay Entertainment Corp., known for its Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games, has been booted from the Nasdaq SmallCap Market due to the company not meeting certain minimum listing requirements. [story]
  “America’s Army” blog paints pretty picture:  
Posted 2002-10-04 by Tony Walsh
Wired posted a creepy story today about a weblog written by a guy named "Scorpion" (oooooh) who is stationed in Afghanistan. Seems this blog is merely an exercise in PR, being produced by the US Army on the heels of their "America's Army" game. I'm against using videogames as a recruitment tactic because, as any veteran can tell you, war isn't any fun at all.
  Racing game publisher Acclaim covers speeding fines…  
Posted 2002-10-04 by Tony Walsh
In an iffy but effective publicity stunt, PS2 publisher Acclaim offered to refund the fines of speeding drivers caught by traffic cameras on Wednesday. Needless to say, the Department of Transport (Britain?) was a little upset: "Basically they are encouraging people to speed and to break the law. I just hope for their sakes that none of these people ends up knocking down a child." [source]
  Playing the Future  
Posted 2002-07-29 by Tony Walsh
We are done with television and movies. These archaic forms of entertainment dominated the 20th century, but are passive, linear, and devoid of real interpersonal relationships. Today's entertainment puts power in the audience's hands, turning passive viewers into active participants. Internet-based multi-player computer games are going places film and television cannot, opening a dialog not only between the audience and their entertainment, but virtually amongst real people in real time around the globe. Gaming continues to drive technological advances: first in computing and communications technologies, now in online play, resulting in faster, less expensive computers, more expansive and more capable networks.

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