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  Bites:  PARTY PARTY  
Posted 1999-10-01 by Tony Walsh
  • Guitar Wolf- better than a barrel full of honkies. They sucked so bad they were wicked!
  • I'm casting as Bailey tonight at a Party of Five Party.
    Posted 1999-09-29 by Tony Walsh
    Hooo, boy. Almost done this killa project at work. What a pain in the ass it's turned out to be :)

    Went to go see Sisters of Mercy last night at the Docks. Really really shite sound. The band had a drum machine, were completely obscured by smog, and put on a mediocre show. PLenty of fine and tasty-looking Goth girls, but alas that was my only enjoyment. Some haggy old lady got mad at me because I refused to dance with her. Yep, fun all around.

    Tomorrow: Guitar Wolf. Drinks after work. Fun, I fucking hope.

    Friday: Party of Five Party.
      Bites:  Hell Week Ahead  
    Posted 1999-09-27 by Tony Walsh
    Relaxing weekend for once. Went scootering, tried out the Go-Ped Bigfoot. Had some drinks by the lake. Stayed in on Saturday night and moped around trying to find some games that will run on my 6100.

    Going to be extremely busy this week until Thursday night. Got a major project at work, and will be working late. Web updates not likely for a few days. Looking forward to my light at the end of the tunnel, Guitar Wolf.
      Bites:  MAC EXPO  
    Posted 1999-09-24 by Tony Walsh
    Going to a Mac thing. Going to see the iBooks and G4/400s. Will try very very hard not to buy anything. Logic dictates that I wait until the G4/450s ship. Some Mac sites are reporting the 450s are already shipping to some locations.

    Did a painting last night on the lid of a pizza box. Turned out pretty good. It's amazing what computer withdrawal will force you to do. Also went riding around on my scooter for about 40 minutes. I'm practicing tight turns and bunny hops, nothing too outrageous.
      Bites:  FLIRTATIOUS G4s  
    Posted 1999-09-23 by Tony Walsh
    Kiss my PowerMac 8600 goodbye. Tonight is the night. ::cries::

    Now that stores in Toronto have the G4s in stock, I can go look at them and weep. The G4/400s are in, but the 450s and 500s are delayed. Therefore, I might not get a new machine until Xmas. What the hell am I going to do with myself...

    Found a part of AltaVista I wasn't aware of. You can search the web for specific image files the same way as you'd search for web pages. What sort of sucks is that AltaVista displays a set of thumbnails for search results, taking your images completely out of context. I found this strange site using AltaVista today.
      Bites:  CLOSE ENCOUNTERS  
    Posted 1999-09-22 by Tony Walsh
    I have two eye-witness accounts of encounters with Apple's new G4/400s. Word is that they are sleeker than sleek, shiny, and beautiful. The gray colour on the case is reportedly a slate-gray, with a tinge of blue, which happens to be my favorite colour. I'm glad I'm not as fixated on cars or breasts as I am on Macintoshes. Well maybe breasts. Cars are too expensive. But at least I could buy a car, I certainly can't get my hands on any breasts these days...
    Posted 1999-09-21 by Tony Walsh
    Well, according to this and similar stories, Apple will not be shipping many G4s for a while. Possibly not until next year. So I'm gonna be fooked. It will be a hard few months without a decent computer at home, let me tell ya. I will try to do some analog artwork, maybe do another show.
      Bites:  IT’S MONDAY  
    Posted 1999-09-20 by Tony Walsh
    Nothing exciting is going on at all. Well, not with me anyway. Another friend of mine just turned 30. Umm... that's about it really.

    Oh, I still have my 8600. Not sure when this guy's gonna come get it, but I swear I am clinging to this thing like a hungry baby to a great big boob. Can't wait to get my G4/450. Ooh yeah.
    Posted 1999-09-19 by Tony Walsh
    Spent the whole day backing up my 4-gig hard drive in anticipation of selling off my 8600/300. The guy didn't call, so I get to savour the mhz for another day or so.
    Posted 1999-09-18 by Tony Walsh
    Holy crap. Toronto International Film Festival showing of Princess Mononoke, screenplay, original story, direction by Hayao Miyazaki. Kicked my ass. Holy crap. Played at the Elgin theatre. Nice place. Lots of cute girls at the showing... methinks anime is getting way too pop.

    Hung out with the charming Wendy on Other Words today. It was sort of a free-for-all talk-show thing. Went on about classic Ms. Pac Man hi-scores, and Guitar Wolf.
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