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  Funniest joke not very funny.  
Posted 2002-10-03 by Tony Walsh
In the world's biggest waste of time on record, scientists revealed the world's "funniest" joke. You could hop over and read it, but why bother. It's so *not* funny.
Posted 2002-09-24 by Tony Walsh

New Orneryboy! Television, the drug of a nation.

Robot soccer players to beat human World Cup contestants by 2050! Hey, they wouldn't print it if it wasn't true...

Girl Power!! A Jordanian woman pushed too far goes Xena on three punks. []

Trustworthy Computing.

Al Gore is not playing ball over this whole Iraq thing. "If what America represents to the world is leadership in a commonwealth of equals, then our friends are legion," Gore reportedly said. "If what we represent to the world is an empire, then it is our enemies who will be legion."

Meanwhile, in the former British Empire, Tony Blair presented a document detailing Iraq's military capabilites. A dossier summary claims that "Iraq has retained up to 20 al-Hussein missiles, with a range of 400 miles, which are capable of carrying chemical or biological warheads." More here.

Ancient Japanese pyramid, huh? [reference, for you youngsters]

OK, Titus pointed out that it's a Japanese *team* who discovered the structure in *Egypt*. Kind of ruins my whole idea, but whatever. The reference is still worth checking out :)

Posted 2002-08-14 by Tony Walsh

"If you ever typed in credit card information to an SSL site there's a chance that somebody intercepted it."  Yet another security flaw in Internet Exploder. Go, Trustworthy Computing!

Instead of feeding hungry people, let's make a 2700-pound bowl of pasta and then get Nintendo fans to become human meatballs. This way we can become known as a wasteful, uncaring, clueless corporation rather than a super happy fun bunch'o'guys who like to run and jump.

  Playing the Future  
Posted 2002-07-29 by Tony Walsh
We are done with television and movies. These archaic forms of entertainment dominated the 20th century, but are passive, linear, and devoid of real interpersonal relationships. Today's entertainment puts power in the audience's hands, turning passive viewers into active participants. Internet-based multi-player computer games are going places film and television cannot, opening a dialog not only between the audience and their entertainment, but virtually amongst real people in real time around the globe. Gaming continues to drive technological advances: first in computing and communications technologies, now in online play, resulting in faster, less expensive computers, more expansive and more capable networks.

Continue reading: Playing the Future
Posted 2002-05-08 by Tony Walsh

Robotech (Macross) will never die. A cell-shaded game is due out for all three major console platforms in Octoboer.  Apparently, video footage of the game is available as a link from this article.

In the future, soldiers will shoot people with laser guns. Good thing MIT has developed prototype laser-proof material. I guess nobody told them that a whole bunch of smoke grenades are just as good.

Why I think OS X sucks. And it's not because I no longer use a Mac.

What could be cooler than a live-action roleplaying game featuring frog-men and robots? Don't ask me, I just did the web site.

Shoot terrorists with an automatic weapon while some Dutch guy constantly yells at you. It's a Web game. [link>grego]

  Bites:  WOOF  
Posted 2002-04-11 by Tony Walsh

Sure, the U.S. is working on robot assistants for battlefield use, but an EMP bomb is a fraction of the cost, and can turn any multimillion dollar `bot into a Poo-Chi.

shebang! crew presents break and enter: Breakdance battles and urban culture, featuring DJs, True on the mic, bombin' by EGR, the Urban Monkey, and more.

Saturday, April 20, 7pm - 1am @ the JCC, 750 Spadina Ave.

More deets at shebang's site.

IRC- haven for Anti-American activities, hackers, and devil-worshippers. [] Shutting down IRC would be like preventing people from running into an auditorium and screaming out "the Emperor wears no clothes!!"

What could be cooler than a Godzilla fighting game? If there was ever a reason to trade in my PS2 for a Gamecube, this would be it.

My so-called life: Flew out to Edmonton.  Met some great folks. Will I be working out West? Only time will tell. I should know in about a week.

Posted 2001-12-03 by Tony Walsh
  • Ginger, now known as Segway is a scooter. The only pictures I could find so far are with this ABC TV story and this Time online story. It's a self-balancing scooter (as predicted) and will cost about $3000. Of course, nobody will be able to drive these things until cities change laws to allow small, lightweight, motorized vehicles on the streets. And then there's the issue of where to park the thing.
  • From the land of giant robots, word that Japan is going to allow human-animal hybrid clones. [] Sounds very healthy. Congratulations, Japan.
  • JennyJuice is the site of Toronto illustrator/webhead Jennifer McCracken. In addition to her own sassy style, she's also hosts some pieces from one of my favorite painters, Tracy Custodio.
      Bites: REGURGITATION  
    Posted 2001-10-01 by Tony Walsh
  • There's another story on Wired today about farming in Everquest. I guess the idea of selling virtual goods for hard cash is somehow still fresh, even though it's been reported on for at least a couple of years now. The last such story was in Slashdot last month, on 09-11-01 [archived bites].
  • Excite@Home goes bankrupt, sells out to AT&T. Excite is a supplier of high-speed internet access in the U.S., and AT&T is a gigantic telecom company. [] The rumblings of this were reported as early as last month [archived Bites] Strangely, AT&T has also put itself in a takeover position so Comcast can have its way. []
  • The war of information is in full swing. "Qatar TV Says Afghans Take 3 U.S. Special Forces," "Military effort has support." There are a lot of facts, statements, and denials flying around. Get the salt ready.
  • Jennstarr sent this in: "DC comics and Gene [Simmons] have moved on to the negotiation/creative phase of the SUPERMAN vs KISS this 'universe', are KISS super heros, or a rock band? Does KISS exist in this universe, or did the band "cross over" from a parallel universe." More importantly, does Superman wanna rock'n'roll all night? Because if he doesn't, there's bound to be trouble.
      The Conditions of Corporate Community  
    Posted 2001-03-30 by Tony Walsh
    The promise of the internet, for many, is the opportunity to be heard, be seen, and communicate with others who share similar interests. The net facilitates this sort of thing beautifully, and a zillion so-called "communities of interest" have sprung up all over the web. In many cases, these online gathering places are indeed communities in the friendliest definition of the term. Sharing is encouraged, and through the contributions of community members, a site can become full of neighbourly cheer. Or, big business can get involved, and make things a lot less friendly. Capitalising on the geek chic of web-based chats, personal homepages, and sites fuelled by user contributions, a number of dot-com corporations are setting up communities of their own — and taking you along for a ride. Behind these "global villages," "virtual neighbourhoods," "fan sites," and other meeting places, clever corporate entities are sitting pretty while community members give away their time, their work, and sometimes even their rights.

    Continue reading: The Conditions of Corporate Community
      I Want My Net TV  
    Posted 2001-01-26 by Tony Walsh
    The future of television is evolving right before our eyeballs. Canada leads G-7 nations in internet-wired computers per household, and the CRTC is actually considering naming high-speed Internet access (also known as "broadband") an Essential Service to Canadians. Canadian broadcasters are poised to blur the lines between television and the Web. Watch this.

    Continue reading: I Want My Net TV
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