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  Nintendo’s ‘Wii?’ LOL!  
Posted 2006-04-27 by Tony Walsh
Nintendo’s ‘Wii?’  LOL!
Nintendo Europe says the name of the next-gen Nintendo console is "Wii." It had been code-named "Revolution." Now, as is being pointed out in most English-speaking countries, the console's official name could mean any of "we" (as in "us"), or "wee" as in tiny, or "wee" as in urine. A baffling choice for a product name, and impossible to utter seriously in public. Example: "I was playing around with my Wii yesterday, and I really like the new controller." Ugh.
  Real Centralia Inspires ‘Silent Hill’ Movie  
Posted 2006-03-30 by Tony Walsh
Damn Interesting brought my attention to the bizarre tale of Centralia, Pennsylvania. According to the Wikipedia, this borough is all but abandoned today, due to an underground fire that's been burning for 40 years. The fire was caused in 1962 when landfill in an abandoned mine pit was ignited, subsequently catching hold of a coal vein, and spreading underground. The situation only worsened over time, with most residents relocating in 1984. In 2002 the US Postal Service revoked the borough's Zip Code, and apparently the borough excluded from most modern maps. In essence, the place has been officially written off. Nowheresville, U.S.A.

Centralia's sad story seems to have been integrated into the backstory for the upcoming Silent Hill movie, based on the suspense/horror video game series of the same name. The initial working title of the movie was "Centralia," and it was filmed in large part on location in one of Canada's ghost towns, Brantford, Ontario.
  Video Phone Channels Powers of Norse God  
Posted 2006-02-21 by Tony Walsh
An official press release by IPMA, the makers of the just-announced ODIN Broadband Video Phone, suggests the device is bestowed with techno-shamanistic powers:

"Upon Chief divinity of Norse pantheon, Odin, father of the Gods, traded with an eye for a drink from the 'Well of the Highest Wisdom'. Odin came into possession of all wisdom and knowledge while his remaining eye blazed like the sun. The legend enlightened IPMA that people can share experience and knowledge via our one eye Odin God, when another eye is being possessed by another party."

I'm not sure exactly what IPMA is on about here, but it sounds occultastic.
  Ronald and Mario’s Wi-Fi Adventures  
Posted 2005-11-15 by Tony Walsh

Things got out of control yesterday at the launch of Nintendo Wi-Fi at a McDonald's restaurant in Chicago, USA. Ronald reportedly insisted on giving Mario his "Big Mac," much to the horror of helpless onlookers.

Continue reading: Ronald and Mario’s Wi-Fi Adventures
  Princess Peach vs. Blow-Up Doll  
Posted 2005-10-26 by Tony Walsh
It should be obvious what the inspiration was for Nintendo's Super Peach game cover-art, but just in case you haven't clued in, let me hit you over the head with my pink billy-club:
Princess Peach vs. Blow-Up Doll
  ‘Torchwood’ Sparks From ‘Doctor Who’ Success  
Posted 2005-10-18 by Tony Walsh
The BBC's latest "Doctor Who" series will enjoy sophisticated spinoff, according to Digital Spy and numerous other sources. "Torchwood" will see the return of Captain Jack, a dashing, eager-trousered adventurer whose adventures in cavity-searches and limp-wristed blaster-handling were explored in Doctor Who. The intrepid, bisexual Captain will reportedly join a band of rogue investigators (of yet-unknown sexuality) to solve human and alien crimes. The BBC is reportedly painting Torchwood as "dark, wild and sexy," something we can safely assume Doctor Who will never be.

The show apparently goes into production early next year. Here's hoping the BBC will capitalize on the obvious Doctor Who fan interest in ARGs and add something more substantial than "Bad Wolf" to Torchwood.
  Toronto of the Living Dead  
Posted 2005-10-18 by Tony Walsh
Canada's richest and stuffiest city will soon be crawling with brain-hungry zombies. The Toronto Zombiewalk begins at 2pm on Sunday, October 23, 2005, on the western edge of Riverdale Park, and shambles across town to Dundas and Yonge. The destination spot is the home of one of Toronto's busiest shopping districts, arguably frequented daily by real-life zombies. Ironically, most of the Toronto zombies are likely to be dressed better than the city's homeless population.

I intend to snap some pics, if possible.
  Jay Stephens Launches ‘Monsterama’ Blog  
Posted 2005-10-13 by Tony Walsh
Brilliant artist Jay "Sin" Stephens, an acquaintance from my forgotten days as a young adult rat in the mid-1990s, has launched a blog entitled "Monsterama." Jay's new effort (he is also a contributor to Drawn!) threatens to bring us "cute creeps from popular culture," and I have every reason to take him seriously. He is, after all, the genius behind Space Ape Number Eight, Jetcat, and Tutenstein. And two human children.
  Head of Meat  
Posted 2005-09-30 by Tony Walsh
Crafty site Not Martha suggests making a Meathead for Halloween. The deadly delicacy involves slathering a lifelike plastic human skull in red jelly and ham for use as an appetizer. While the illustrated how-to delivers what it promises, it fails to suggest the obvious: Removing the top of the skull to reveal a salmon mousse, meatloaf, pumpernickel dip or liver pate. Eating someone's face off is fine, but the brain is the best part! [thanks to my wife for the link]
  ‘Lost’ Borrowing From Comics, Literature  
Posted 2005-09-29 by Tony Walsh
Robot Wisdom points to an intriguing article at about the TV show "Lost" and its connection to the comic book and literary world. According to the article, a novel by Irish author Flann O'Brien will be a prominent feature of Lost's third episode. Past references to printed matter have included a comic book featuring The Flash, The Green Lantern, and a polar bear. Some events in the comic book are reportedly mirrored on the show.

Earlier this year, Lost appeared to be supplemented by an Alternate Reality Game component, but I'm not sure much happened there. Certainly the show's real-life hooks are giving fans ARG-like mysteries to investigate, but it seems like the only ones with all the answers are the show's writers. I've been hooked on the show since its debut, but can't be bothered to do the kind of sleuthing some of the more rabid fans are engaged in. All will be revealed in time, and I can wait.
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