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  Sinking Cats  
Posted 2005-09-22 by Tony Walsh
Forget Babies With Beards, or Bee Dogs. It's all about Cats in Sinks now.

See? I blog about cats, too.
Posted 2005-09-06 by Tony Walsh
Illustrator Eugene Smith is drawing fabulous monsters. Daily. We'll see how long that holds up. The only thing I manage to do reliably on a daily basis is drink a cup of coffee. My life is so hard.
  Admitted to ‘Kingdom Hospital’  
Posted 2005-07-17 by Tony Walsh
I don't watch television much, but make exceptions for intriguing DVD-collections. I was introduced to the Kingdom Hospital boxed set last week, and finished watching the 13-episode mini-series this weekend. An American remake of the 1994 Danish TV mini-series Riget, Kingdom Hospital was written by Stephen King, who retained most of the plot-points and characters. The show consists of darkly-comedic horror, and while it features some minor scares, it is more suspenseful and bizarre than terrifying. I'm not a Stephen King fan, but I found the series to be well-written and captivating--probably because it bears some major similarities with Silent Hill (one of my favourite video games), and with one of my old personal projects known as "Gloomveil."

Since every American remake usually pales in comparison to the European original, I look forward to finding and viewing a copy of Riget. Viva subtitles!
  Sean Bean on ‘Silent Hill’ Movie  
Posted 2005-07-13 by Tony Walsh
 recently interviewed actor Sean Bean, who stars in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Silent Hill video game property. Says Bean, "I think the game is quite psychologically demanding, because it's not about chopping people up...It's about using your brain, and I think this will be really good because Christophe Gans, the director of 'Brotherhood of the Wolf', has given it a really quirky, bizarre feel, very spooky and sort of like a European genre film." The movie, which wraps up shooting in Toronto this week, is due out in 2006.

I, for one, am disappointed the movie may lack in the "chopping people up" department. I'm all for sophisticated Eurostyle psychodramas, but when one of your main villains is a 7-foot-tall demon carrying a carving knife the size of an Audi, there'd better be some hack-and-slashery afoot.
  Politics of the Living Dead  
Posted 2005-07-04 by Tony Walsh
LA Weekly's Scott Foundas dissects zombie king George Romero's body of work, putting the filmmaker's bloody politics on a stainless-steel platter. Foundas highlights Romero's previous motion-picture statements, and examines the growing humanity of his zombies. Oh, the humanity.

Foundas: Michael Moore notwithstanding, it still seems risky to make a movie this political in what is effectively a risk-averse Hollywood climate. I'm thinking particularly of those scenes where we see captive zombies turned by their human captors into Abu Ghraib-style sideshow freaks.

Romero: I'm not sure if you showed this movie at the White House that anybody would get it, except when the money burns at the end -- then they might feel a little pang of sadness.

Read the full article at AlterNet.
  “Urban Dead” Browse the Streets  
Posted 2005-07-03 by Tony Walsh
The city of Malton has been evacuated and quarrantined against a virulent outbreak. Remaining citizens now scramble for safety or loot abandoned buildings. The military intends on forcible evacuation. The police and firefighters struggle to maintain order. The dead have risen, and wander Malton's streets. Can they be possibly stopped?

If exploration, profit, protection, or evacuation is what keeps you alive, the newly-launched Urban Dead might be for you. This browser-based massively-multiplayer game is painfully low on tech, but high on imagination, hearkening back to the age of dial-up modems and ASCII graphics. Improvements to the system, such as text chat between players, are already in the works. While the game's zombie population is currently sparse, "a lot more" are promised. I created a Firefighter character for the game, and can't wait to get my axe stained with undead ichor.
  Corpse-Art Coming to Canada  
Posted 2005-06-24 by Tony Walsh
The Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada plays host to Dr. Gunther von Hagens' ghoullish exhibition "Body Worlds 2." Von Hagens uses human corpses in his work, preserving the cadavers through a technique called "plastination," most recently demonstrated in the movie House of Wax, starring Paris Hilton as herself. Ok, I made that last bit up.

Body Worlds 2 will feature over 200 partial and whole dead people, including 25 entire bodies. There's a corpse-factory in China that processes 100 bodies annually for our enjoyment. And by enjoyment, I mean dinner table.
  I Have Often Wondered…  
Posted 2005-06-22 by Tony Walsh
If tuna is the "chicken of the sea", then:
  • Are crabs the spiders of the sea?
  • Are shrimp the cockroaches of the sea?
  • Are chickens the tuna of the earth?
  Teleporting Nano-Clay Golems  
Posted 2005-06-17 by Tony Walsh
Mad professors from Carnegie Mellon University believe that humans will some day "teleport" animated, nano-clay versions of themselves to internet-connected locations, according to the BBC. The simulacra, which are a modern version of the Golem, would be made of small, synthetic atoms, and are intended for face-to-"face" interaction guaranteed not to frighten children or animals.

I don't know about you, but the idea of a gelatinous mockery of humanity wobbling next to my computer only makes me wonder how I could harness such power for my own evil purposes.
  Doctor Who ARGishness Confirmed?  
Posted 2005-06-13 by Tony Walsh
Bryan Alexander of Infocult tipped me off to some "secret" info pertaining to what increasingly appears to be ARG-like activity around the latest Doctor Who series [1,2]. On a site set up by the BBC concerning the "Bad Wolf" phrase we keep encountering in the series, there can be found a thinly-veiled message and a reference to a corporation that doesn't really exist.

Seems like we're moving closer to ARG territory, in what I'd guess is a bid to retain audience attention between this season and next season's broadcast. Speculating further, I'd also guess that an ARG might be a novel way to explain the transition from actor Christopher Eccleston to the next fellow taking on the role of Doctor Who.
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