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Posted 2002-10-07 by Tony Walsh
Clickable Culture is a new mini-site of mine, where I intend on linking to regularly updated, quality work on the Web. So far I've got Orneryboy and He is Just a Rat up there, but I hope to add two or three sites in a variety of categories.
  New site in the works.  
Posted 2002-10-03 by Tony Walsh
I went and registered as a sort of portal site to selected online comics and other niche-market Web stuff. I have to have the site front page done by the November issue of Exclaim! in order to promote it in the last Exclaim! Rat Boy strip ever.
  Invitation to mayhem:  
Posted 2002-10-03 by Tony Walsh
Any of you Bites readers who occasionally send me links are encouraged to ask me for an account on the new and improved Bites. This way you can post directly to the system... just make sure your spelling and grammar are checked :)
  Bites from October 1st and 2nd  
Posted 2002-10-02 by Tony Walsh
In case you're looking to catch up on the last couple of days, the transition from static web pages to a dynamic system was not completely smooth, so there are still some remnants left over.
  New Bites, More Functionality  
Posted 2002-10-02 by Tony Walsh
Well, whaddya know... I finally implemented a web-based posting system. You can add comments to posts, and I can set up guest posters as well. I'll be fine tuning this thing over the next several days, so if there's something you hate, feel free to drop me a line.
Posted 2002-09-24 by Tony Walsh

New Orneryboy! Television, the drug of a nation.

Robot soccer players to beat human World Cup contestants by 2050! Hey, they wouldn't print it if it wasn't true...

Girl Power!! A Jordanian woman pushed too far goes Xena on three punks. []

Trustworthy Computing.

Al Gore is not playing ball over this whole Iraq thing. "If what America represents to the world is leadership in a commonwealth of equals, then our friends are legion," Gore reportedly said. "If what we represent to the world is an empire, then it is our enemies who will be legion."

Meanwhile, in the former British Empire, Tony Blair presented a document detailing Iraq's military capabilites. A dossier summary claims that "Iraq has retained up to 20 al-Hussein missiles, with a range of 400 miles, which are capable of carrying chemical or biological warheads." More here.

Ancient Japanese pyramid, huh? [reference, for you youngsters]

OK, Titus pointed out that it's a Japanese *team* who discovered the structure in *Egypt*. Kind of ruins my whole idea, but whatever. The reference is still worth checking out :)

Posted 2002-08-30 by Tony Walsh

When designers go bad. Or get lazy. Or are required to go bad or get lazy by higher-ups.

Went to Varekai last night, courtesy of The Baker.  This latest edition of the Cirque Du Soleil will be summed up by Good and Evil Tony.

Good: "It was like real magic. I couldn't believe my eyes."

Evil: "Some skinny white flying guy wanted to get it on with some skinny green lizard lady, but kept getting interrupted by goofy-looking muppets and gay superheroes doing crazy tricks."

Netscape 7.0 is out (apparently for Windows only). Is anyone going to try this thing?

Thanks for saving energy. Too bad you're polluting instead.

  Bites:  GLUMDAY  
Posted 2002-07-08 by Tony Walsh

A World Wildlife Fund study tells us humanity is biting off more than it can chew, adding that, at the current rate of consumption, we'll need two additional Earth-sized planets to ruin by 2050. [source>]

eBay and PayPal sitting in a tree...

seems like a logical union, let's hope PayPal continues to be run like the impartial body it should be and not some creepy tool designed to get you using eBay.

ATIPalm = Crazy graphics on your handheld. "...future Palm OS handhelds can include ATI's Imageon graphic accelerator chip, which delivers high-performance advanced 2D graphics and hardware MPEG-4 decoding." [source>]

Grrr... one of my favourite "freaky news" sites has gone subscription-based. At $26 US/year I'm not sure a subscription is worth my while. There aren't as many articles as a magazine, despite the juicy eyewitness content.

Posted 2002-06-18 by Tony Walsh

Neverwinter Nights' End-User agreement has been amended. There is now wording that precludes BioWare/Infogrames from redistributing your original server-side modules, although downloadable modules are still fair game. [discussion>slashdot, my rambling comment here]

Thanks to Jos and Titus for individually pointing my browser to the Bloop story. Strange sound data suggests Godzilla may be real.

Just what we need-- yet another Instant Messaging service. This one's via file-sharing app Morpheus, and foolishly hopes to compete with AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.

Looks like Micro$oft isn't the only one to screw up Web server security. The iron-clad Apache Web Server for Windows (oh, wait, maybe I was wrong about that M$ comment) is subject to DOS attacks. [bulletin>]

Posted 2002-06-14 by Tony Walsh

Mechagodzilla egg washes up on South Carolina shore.

Sewer-Boy is like Spider-Man, except that he was bitten by a radioactive piece of shit. [link>rusty]

J-LO in T.O. a no-no. [link>stephan]

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