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Posted 2002-05-08 by Tony Walsh

Robotech (Macross) will never die. A cell-shaded game is due out for all three major console platforms in Octoboer.  Apparently, video footage of the game is available as a link from this article.

In the future, soldiers will shoot people with laser guns. Good thing MIT has developed prototype laser-proof material. I guess nobody told them that a whole bunch of smoke grenades are just as good.

Why I think OS X sucks. And it's not because I no longer use a Mac.

What could be cooler than a live-action roleplaying game featuring frog-men and robots? Don't ask me, I just did the web site.

Shoot terrorists with an automatic weapon while some Dutch guy constantly yells at you. It's a Web game. [link>grego]

  Bites:  WOOF  
Posted 2002-04-11 by Tony Walsh

Sure, the U.S. is working on robot assistants for battlefield use, but an EMP bomb is a fraction of the cost, and can turn any multimillion dollar `bot into a Poo-Chi.

shebang! crew presents break and enter: Breakdance battles and urban culture, featuring DJs, True on the mic, bombin' by EGR, the Urban Monkey, and more.

Saturday, April 20, 7pm - 1am @ the JCC, 750 Spadina Ave.

More deets at shebang's site.

IRC- haven for Anti-American activities, hackers, and devil-worshippers. [] Shutting down IRC would be like preventing people from running into an auditorium and screaming out "the Emperor wears no clothes!!"

What could be cooler than a Godzilla fighting game? If there was ever a reason to trade in my PS2 for a Gamecube, this would be it.

My so-called life: Flew out to Edmonton.  Met some great folks. Will I be working out West? Only time will tell. I should know in about a week.

  Bites: King Kong Versus Godzilla  
Posted 2001-12-19 by Tony Walsh
I picked up and played Aliens vs Predator 2 yesterday. The first-person perspective game allows one to play from the viewpoint of an Alien, Predator, human Marine or Corporate soldier. Each of the species has subclasses, basically light through heavy weapons and armour. The real joy of this game is being able to do the same things featured in the Aliens and Predator movies. Aliens can skitter around the floor, jump up and cling to walls, walk on the ceiling, and pounce from over fifty feet onto their victims in order to bite their heads off. Predators have the crazy infrared vision seen in the movies (it looks *exactly* like the movie), and can cloak themselves as well as employ a variety of harmful devices such as spearguns, plasma weapons, and netcasters. Marines and Corporates have life-form detectors, the cool M-41 machine gun, flamethrowers, miniguns, and even sniper rifles. Notable multiplayer game types include Team Deathmatch (one species versus another) and Survival, which pits Marines against Aliens. Initially all players but one are Marines. As Marines are killed, the player of the slain soldier then gets to play an Alien for the rest of the game. The result is exactly like the movies, where a group of terrified Marines shrinks in numbers while the Alien population overwhelms them. Marine players tend to huddle together in corners and tunnels, trying to conserve precious ammo as they fight off an Alien onslaught. The graphics are quite good, representing a variety of environments seen or hinted at in both movie properties. The sounds are straight from the films, replete with all the hissing, clicking, and bloodcurdling screams you'd expect. My species of choice- Alien Drone, because I like to kick it old school.
  Bites: I DO WINDOWS  
Posted 2001-12-16 by Tony Walsh
  • New@Downwithup, Pigdump's Trish Thornton spews Xmas cheer.
  • Okage, King of Shadows, is a great game for PS2. [] Okage is blatantly inspired by the illustrations of Tim Burton, more specifically Nightmare Before Christmas. At first I dismissed the game as some derivative piece of doo doo, but as usual, this was before I actually played the game. The graphics are gorgeous, and the developer managed to simulate camera depth of field by blurring out the 3D landscape as it recedes. Most other games accomplish this through trickery and the use of bitmap backdrops, but Okage manages to actually blur out real 3D details. I initially thought that the translation of the dialog and story (from Japanese) was awkward... but as the game progresses, the dialog gets more and more deliberately hilarious. So here's the plot- in an attempt to rid his sister of a ghost's curse, a young boy volunteers to be the slave of an Evil Shadow King. The King, named Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV, is relegated to existing only as the boy's shadow, and crows about how his plans for world domination are about to begin. The funny part is how ridiculous King Stan looks, and how all the mortals he attempts to subjigate just think the Evil Shadow King is an amusing parlour trick.

    Anyway, the game is an RPG similar to Final Fantasy, the music, graphics, story, and game play are all top notch. So go rent or buy.
  • I'm so sorry. I changed my work environment to PC. I converted my gaming machine to a production model, and am shamefully doing my best to preserve what little Mac-ness I have left. I'm running two monitors via the ATI Radeon 8500, have many of my USB-based Mac peripherals plugged in, and have to find something to make this shitty OS look nicer. Again, please forgive me. The G4 has been relegated to testing only. The end.
  • Word on the street is that Quebec actress Stacie Prudhomme will be playing the title role of the upcoming "Alice" movie. The film is based on the video game, which is a dark take on the Alice in Wonderland books.
  • Worm on the street, or perhaps "New Worm on the Block," is Gokar, a mass-mailing virus. Now that I have a PC, I have something to worry about. Help me, Norton!
  • Most Web developers can already attest to the fact that there are no such things as Web standards. The Web Standards Project is fed up, and has finally called it quits. [] The Project complains that "Browser makers are no longer the problem. The problem lies with designers and developers chained to the browser quirk oriented markup of the 1990s often because they don't realize it is possible to support current standards while accommodating old browsers...So your site looks the same in Netscape 4 as it does in IE6. Mazel Tov. How will it look and function in a 7.0 browser? In a wireless device? On a web phone? In a Braille reader? What will become of your expensively produced web documents in two years? In five?"
      Bites:  MINI ME  
    Posted 2000-11-22 by Tony Walsh
  • At twenty inches tall, and weighing in at ten pounds, Sony's latest robot is no Terminator. Yet. The LA Times reports on Sony's soccer-playing bipedal bot. Supplemental- I found an interesting blurb on Sony Japan's site about the bot's creator, Toshi Doi .
  • Check out this crazy netgamer from Oakville. He has a whole warehouse for LAN parties, and hosts them every 6 weeks. The downside is you have to bring your own rig. I am seriously considering buying a PC next year for many reasons, and gaming is only one of them :)
  • Yoinked off Camworld from yesterday, yet another Micro$oft Borg move- "MS-HTML". This form letter to webmasters explains it all.
  • Game-Skins . Tee shirts for serious geeks. I like the " Roots " tee. [link>russ]
  • The new Pentium IV sucks ass. So sayeth PC World . Thanks, McQuade :)
  • Snagglepuss was the first openly gay cartoon character. Scooby Doo's Fred was the second.
  • Google is my new favorite search engine.
      Bites:  MY ACHING FINGERS  
    Posted 2000-11-14 by Tony Walsh
  • Played Armored Core 2 until 2am this morning. Man, that is one cool PS2 game. As the pilot of a giant robot, you have a gigantic arsenal of insane sci-fi weapons and gadets to outfit your mech with. Since the first Armored Core, there have been a number of improvements to play that make the whole experience even more anime-stylie. Now you have a ton of "Extensions", "Inside" parts, and "Optional" parts, like energy shields, anti-missile missiles, and other crazy counter-measures stuff. I am currently driving a huge tank, with twin shoulder-mounted gattling guns, twin machine-gun arms, decoy deployer, and slap-and-blow bomb packs. You see there's this radar installation I have to destroy...
  • Somewhat related to giant robots, this article from Slashdot today mentions that armed, unmanned aircraft are due to be tested soon. Aren't these called "drones" in all the sci-fi shows? I predict a Hollywood movie about one of these aircraft "gone bad". Oh wait, they already made The Terminator.
  • Is Apple using OS9 to spy on you? Seems as though some users are experiencing regular calls to "". This discussion at MacAddict has some bizarre details, as does this Hackintosh thread .
  • It's appropriate that after Myth's 3rd birthday, sketchy details of Myth III should surface.
  • Some of you may remember Bat Boy from the Weekly World News. Memepool has word of Bat Boy: The Musical .
      Bites:  GAG ORDER  
    Posted 2000-10-05 by Tony Walsh
  • An Everquest player gets banned from playing due to a piece of fiction she posted to a fan site. This is some interesting stuff. [discussion thread here] Instead of pursuing her on some kind of legal grounds (i.e. the story was a "derivitive work"), the game publisher banned her from playing. This might be the easiest way for them to silence people... except for the fact that Blues News picked up the story, and now the company looks pretty bad indeed.

  • Mister T versus Pokemon... you knew it had to happen. Does Pikachu get his pi pi slapped? Only you can tell! [link>wendy]

  • Pig-Human hybrids, and "patents on life". Greenpeace reports that "...Stem Cell Sciences (SCS) (Australia) and Biotransplant (USA) have jointly applied for a patent covering the cloning of embryos, including human embryos, as well as mixed species embryos from pigs and humans. In addition the companies applied for an exclusive right for genetic manipulation of embryos produced with their technology...In their application, the two companies reveal in detail that their scientists have already produced embryos, which were a mix of the two species, a human and a pig ... The resulting embryos were then grown for about a week." Creepy.

  • If Gauntlet was real. Sort of. Well worth the read, but only if you've ever played the game.

  • Crazy proxy server over at my shitty ISP is now displaying the index page I uploaded 2 months ago, even though a day or two ago I uploaded a new page. And viewed the new page. But now, the caching server or whatever the fuck is going on over at Sympatico HSE decided to wind the clock back about 8 weeks.
      Bites:  PATENT LATHER  
    Posted 2000-09-21 by Tony Walsh
  • I am sick to death of patents. For fuck's sake, every two-bit "idea" is now being wrapped up into a patent, and the worst part is that these patents are actually being granted. It's going to become a challenge to designers of the future just to design something that does not infringe on someone else's "property". Amazon's one-click shopping was bad enough, then Apple had to go legitimize it by licensing this "invention". There is the insanity of British Telecom claiming to own the idea of hyperlinking. I have recently heard of the "idea" of left-side "nav-bars" being patented. Sooner than you think, every concept involved in basic web design is going to be owned by someone else. What will happen then? Soon web publishing will be akin to pirate radio, with the "authorities" hunting for intellectual property trespassers. I think I'm going to patent the idea of putting a brush to canvas.

  • An update to my internet filter tirade of yesterday: Today's WiredNews reports "Fed up with such filtering programs and other so-called Internet 'censorware,' the Digital Freedom Network has launched its Foil the Filters contest."

  • A new version of the venerable and mighty NetHack was recently created. NetHack is an ASCII-based (i.e. text-character graphics) adventure game that is probably almost as old as you are. [more] There is no end to the game... you just keep going and going and going...

  • Lego robot competition! Block stacking! Sumo challenge! Pretty cool, and on the UofT campus for you Torontoites. [link>russ]
    Posted 2000-08-31 by Tony Walsh
  • Self-replicating robots are one step closer to reality. "The little white robots were made of bars, actuators, ball joints, motors and circuits. People intervened only to insert the motors into the plastic parts spit out by the prototyping machine." [story@canoe] "Laurent Keller and his colleagues at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland described how they taught robots community spirit by programming them to behave like ants in foraging for food." [story@yahoo] Nothing scarier/cooler than robots that can make themselves. Thanks for the heads-up, citizen greg-from-germany.

  • Can't find the links to back this up, but word on the street is that 40% of Canada's plants and animals are at risk due to global warming. In story ran last night on CityTV, ecologists were saying that this will likely occur within 100 years, but could happen within 20. Better start bottling up those polar bears for future cloning. [greg-from-germany found me a link here]

  • Rogers AT&T cellular "Pay as you go" vulnerability described in detail. How to get the most out of one $25 phone card. Pretty good exploitation of this security hole.

  • My favorite Mac Gaming site, Mac Gamer's Ledge, just got bought by the company that owns The two sites will merge under the Macgamer banner, hopefully for the betterment of the Mac gaming community.
      Bites:  APPLE GETS GRABBY  
    Posted 2000-02-03 by Tony Walsh
  • This story over at Mac Addict claims that Apple's iTools/iDisk program is grabbing all of the content it can. It's a tactic that several 'free home page' places such as Geocities tried out many months ago, and were reamed for by the media. Anything you put in Apple's 'free' storage space (iDisk) becomes their sole property for them to use as they see fit. The legal notice for this is apparently hard to find and very difficult to get a print-out of. Apple is beginning to get stupid with its customers, don't you think?
  • Added a gallery to my Rust Dragon page. I used the same images in my Flash gallery, and will probably have the same damn gallery linked from my Razorgrin and Non-Flash Secretlair pages soon as well. I figure it can't hurt to keep re-using the graphics, considering they're just sitting there online wasting space.
  • Does anyone know why consistantly crashes Explorer 4.5 on a variety of Macintoshes? It's the .swf file, but I don't know what the problem is.
  • Lots of snow in Toronto today. I hate the crunching noise of rock salt under my feet worse than the snow.
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