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  Micro$oft Wrist-Slapping Aftermath  
Posted 2002-11-05 by Tony Walsh
I don't know who would be surprised by the weak outcome of the Micro$oft antitrust proceedings. This article has some choice quotes, including this excerpt from an antitrust lawyer: "What the opinion said basically was, 'You robbed a bank, you can keep the money, and you can do it again, but don't use exactly the same method.'"

Meanwhile, the Seattle Times' Paul Andrews posits "Those who view the Justice Department settlement and Kollar-Kotelly's ruling as a slam-dunk for Microsoft have forgotten a key point: The settlement prohibits Microsoft from restricting computer makers' ability to 'offer users the option of launching other operating systems from the basic input/output system or a non-Microsoft boot-loader."'
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-11-01 by Tony Walsh
A software flaw makes Win2k and WinXP vulnerable to denial of service (DOS) attacks. [story]

In related news, the rulings in the Micro$oft antitrust trial are due today...
  AIM and ICQ sitting in a tree (again)  
Posted 2002-10-30 by Tony Walsh
America Online's Instant Messenger (AIM) will soon become interoperable with the massively popular ICQ messenger application. No surprise, since ICQ was bought by AOL four years ago. For those who aren't interested in patronizing AOL or MSN (or even Yahoo!'s messenger,) I suggest you pick up Trillian, which handles AIM, MSN, YIM, ICQ, and IRC all in one free package.
  PayPoop Part II  
Posted 2002-10-29 by Tony Walsh
An email spoofed to read like a (grammatically incorrect) security update from PayPal invited recipients to visit bogus site and enter their account information. This scam didn't originate from PayPal (otherwise it wouldn't be a "scam", would it?) but it does suggest that social engineering is still the most effective form of hacking. [story]
  It’s Official:  You’ve been duped!  
Posted 2002-10-29 by Tony Walsh
The Internet Registry of Canada was charged under the Competition Act yesterday by Canada's Competition Bureau. The Bureau alleges that the IRoC marketed it's domain registry services under the guise of the Government of Canada (or other official agency) to domain registrants whose domains were about to expire. "The mailings allegedly gave the impression that domain name holders were existing customers of, and had to re-register their domain names with, the Internet Registry of Canada which was not true." [press release] Earlier this summer, IRoC addressed consumer misconceptions in an unintentionally jokey press release. Even earlier than that, watchdogs spied the IRoC's parent company trying to bamboozle Euros.
Posted 2002-10-28 by Tony Walsh
Here's why I don't use PayPal. Not only are there a few security glitches, PayPal has a lousy record for dealing with scams and other problems.
  Referral Spam  
Posted 2002-10-28 by Tony Walsh
Folks who run web sites and have access to their server statistics can view a list of other sites who've linked to them. This is called a list of referrers (referring links). You can usually click over to see referrer's site, to check out how they've linked to you. Over the last couple of years, I've noticed some referrer site weren't actually linking to my site at all. Instead, the sites were advertising services that might be of interest to webmasters. These days, the situation is getting worse, and a handful of porn and other sites are sneaking into my referrer lists. Wired News reports on what marketing companies are calling "Referral Marketing."
  Unholy union:  
Posted 2002-10-25 by Tony Walsh
The fattest software company in the world is joining forces with the ugliest entertainment company in the world, making a Disney-centric MSN 8 that's as welcome as a fat, ugly guy in a playground full of pre-schoolers. [story]
  No Mo Kyoto?  
Posted 2002-10-24 by Tony Walsh
Ontario Premier Ernie Eves yesterday expressed support for the Alberta stand against the Kyoto protocol. The standard line I keep hearing here is "Canada will lose hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in revenue" or some such garbage. Ontario and Alberta: we have more to lose than jobs here. Anyone with children should be taking a serious interest in clean air and a healthy environment. Yes, there will be hardship while we cut back on emissions and make our homes more energy efficient. But it will be much harder for our kids, and their kids, if we don't comply with the Kyoto agreement.
  Owned genes:  
Posted 2002-10-21 by Tony Walsh
According to this report, American company Myriad Genetics owns a patent on two breast cancer-related genes, and therefore controls all research using those genes. Now that Myriad Genetics has a monopoly, they have dramatically hiked the price of screening tests involving the genes. Due to legal threats from Myriad, the B.C. government has ordered the B.C. Cancer Agency to stop doing the tests themselves, forcing local residents to pay for the test out of pocket. Thanks, Myriad Genetics for holding cancer patients hostage so you can make a few bucks.
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