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  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-10-17 by Tony Walsh
A beta-test server for future Windows products was cracked yesterday. Beta-testers were in the middle of putting Micro$oft's .Net platform through its paces, only one of the software systems that could have been burglarized. Passwords and beta-test activation keys were also at risk. [story]
In related bumbling, sneaky little pop-up ads are plaguing users of Windows Messenger (not the same as MSN Messenger) which is enabled by default on Win2k, NT, and XP systems. Wired: "According to's lead developer Lenard Iszak, the program can generate about 5,000 pop-up messages per hour, hitting more than one recipient per second."
  Trustworthy Computing  
Posted 2002-10-15 by Tony Walsh
Micro$oft's own "switch" campaign backfires. Chalk one up for Apple this round.
  Trustworthy Computing?  Insert coin, please.  
Posted 2002-10-10 by Tony Walsh
CNET reports: "Microsoft is considering charging for additional security options and acknowledges that it didn't move on security until customers were ready to pay for it." I don't know why anyone would pay for "new" security abilities when the old ones don't even work right.
  Interplay delisted from Nasdaq  
Posted 2002-10-09 by Tony Walsh
Long rumoured to be in trouble, game publisher Interplay Entertainment Corp., known for its Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games, has been booted from the Nasdaq SmallCap Market due to the company not meeting certain minimum listing requirements. [story]
  Will the last car on the train please stand up?  
Posted 2002-10-04 by Tony Walsh
I can't believe they finally did it. After nearly three years of development and the acquisition of ailing kids sites Zeeks, Funschool, and Kids Domain, a former client of mine finally unleashed their paid subscription service. Behold... the Kaboose Network. This one should be interesting to watch from a dot-bomb standpoint. Can millions of visitors be converted to a paying audience? I guess we'll see in about a year or less. Their subscription fee isn't too bad at least. $60 USD yearly to buy "safety" for your kids online.
  Racing game publisher Acclaim covers speeding fines…  
Posted 2002-10-04 by Tony Walsh
In an iffy but effective publicity stunt, PS2 publisher Acclaim offered to refund the fines of speeding drivers caught by traffic cameras on Wednesday. Needless to say, the Department of Transport (Britain?) was a little upset: "Basically they are encouraging people to speed and to break the law. I just hope for their sakes that none of these people ends up knocking down a child." [source]
  Bites:  Untitled Entry  
Posted 2002-09-17 by Tony Walsh

McDonald's is tainting upcoming The Sims Online with their so-called "food." Get this-- eating the food will increase your standing within the game. This, as we know, is actually the *opposite* of real life. If the Sims truly simulated reality, maybe players would get virtual bowel cancer. That'd be something.

In semi-related news, we'll all soon be eating cloned animal products. And why not-- we already eat genetically modified vegetables. Food is just some stuff we cram into our mouths anyway, who cares where it comes from. "They look like a pig. They smell like a pig. They feel like a pig," said a hog breeder in this story.

Thai frog said to be guarding puddle in the shape of Buddha's footprint. The solution to this problem? Rub its skin with talcum powder until it dies. []

Happy 10th anniversary Power Rangers! Too bad your real fans are now too old to appreciate you. Too bad that instead of watching your crappy new episodes airing in October, they're going to be recovering from hangovers, mowing the lawn, going to the supermarket, trashing their college dorms, or giving hand jobs in dark alleys.

I reorganized my Gallery in case anyone was interested in snooping.

  The Conditions of Corporate Community  
Posted 2001-03-30 by Tony Walsh
The promise of the internet, for many, is the opportunity to be heard, be seen, and communicate with others who share similar interests. The net facilitates this sort of thing beautifully, and a zillion so-called "communities of interest" have sprung up all over the web. In many cases, these online gathering places are indeed communities in the friendliest definition of the term. Sharing is encouraged, and through the contributions of community members, a site can become full of neighbourly cheer. Or, big business can get involved, and make things a lot less friendly. Capitalising on the geek chic of web-based chats, personal homepages, and sites fuelled by user contributions, a number of dot-com corporations are setting up communities of their own — and taking you along for a ride. Behind these "global villages," "virtual neighbourhoods," "fan sites," and other meeting places, clever corporate entities are sitting pretty while community members give away their time, their work, and sometimes even their rights.

Continue reading: The Conditions of Corporate Community
Posted 2000-02-03 by Tony Walsh
  • This story over at Mac Addict claims that Apple's iTools/iDisk program is grabbing all of the content it can. It's a tactic that several 'free home page' places such as Geocities tried out many months ago, and were reamed for by the media. Anything you put in Apple's 'free' storage space (iDisk) becomes their sole property for them to use as they see fit. The legal notice for this is apparently hard to find and very difficult to get a print-out of. Apple is beginning to get stupid with its customers, don't you think?
  • Added a gallery to my Rust Dragon page. I used the same images in my Flash gallery, and will probably have the same damn gallery linked from my Razorgrin and Non-Flash Secretlair pages soon as well. I figure it can't hurt to keep re-using the graphics, considering they're just sitting there online wasting space.
  • Does anyone know why consistantly crashes Explorer 4.5 on a variety of Macintoshes? It's the .swf file, but I don't know what the problem is.
  • Lots of snow in Toronto today. I hate the crunching noise of rock salt under my feet worse than the snow.
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