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  Naked News On The Radio  
Posted 2003-05-14 by Tony Walsh
Tired of actually seeing naked people read the news? Why not simply listen to them instead, using the awesome power of your imagination to paint an inappropriate picture in your feverish mind. Naked News will now be making audio-only versions of broadcasts by sports commentator "Athena The Greek" available for download. This marks the dawning of a shocking new era for strip-tease-news programming: on-air hosts who have more to offer than mere nakedness.
  Ethics in Video Game Journalism?  
Posted 2003-04-11 by Tony Walsh
Apparently such a thing exists. Or should exist. Freelance game pundit Justin Hall examines the fine line between perks and payola, the impact of online reviews, and the significance of being a journalist slightly below the mainstream radar in this article.
  Oakland Cops’ Non-Lethal Iron Fist  
Posted 2003-04-08 by Tony Walsh
While you probably wouldn't believe the independent media's claims of police brutality against anti-war demonstrators, you might take a second look if a Reuters story or San Jose Mercury News story backed them up.

Oakland police yesterday attacked anti-war activists with non-lethal munitions such as wooden bullets, tear gas, concussion grenades, and beanbags full of metal shot. While protesters were injured, so were nearby dock workers. "I was standing as far back as I could,'' said longshoremen Kevin Wilson. "It was very scary. All of that force wasn't necessary.''

A 29 year-old lawyer hit several times in the back said "I have been to many protests over the years, and I have never seen police resort to shooting people because they didn't like where they were standing." [source]

"I was there from 5 a.m. on, and the only violence that I saw was from the police,'' said Joel Tena, constituent liason for Oakland's Vice Mayor. "It seemed the police were operating under the assumption that they were not going to let any kind of protest happen.'' [source]
  War Reporter Peter Arnett Fired Over Remarks  
Posted 2003-03-31 by Tony Walsh
Seasoned Gulf War reporter Peter Arnett has been canned by NBC after criticising progress of the U.S.-led war on Iraq. During an Iraqi television interview, Arnett said the allied war plan "has failed because of Iraqi resistance." [story] Arnett has reportedly expressed regret for airing his personal opinions on Iraqi television, but I'd be surprised if his career could be saved at this point.

A little Googling on Arnett shows that he was fired from CNN around April 1999. This is believed by some to have resulted from pressure put on CNN by the Pentagon, "...backed by retired military brass, prominent political figures and associations of special forces veterans" due to a 1998 investigative report narrated by Arnett entitled "Valley of Death." The report showed evidence that "...US commandos had used deadly sarin gas in an operation to kill American soldiers who had defected into Laos from Vietnam." [source]
  Get Your War On  
Posted 2003-03-18 by Tony Walsh
St. Patrick's Day boozing was interrupted last night by CNN's coverage of George W. Bush's ultimatum to Saddam. No getting out of this now.

An incensed Michael Moore flails wildly at "Governor" Bush. Not sure who ends up coming out on top. Whatever that means.
  Big Mac Attacked  
Posted 2002-11-08 by Tony Walsh
In upcoming The Sims Online, it's you versus McDonald's in a bid to vanquish the scourge of "Advergaming." I spout off about The Sims' not so special sauce in this feature.
  The newsprint fist.  
Posted 2002-11-01 by Tony Walsh
It's not so much what the media does report, it's what it doesn't.
  Russian newspaper reports: Cities Found on the Moon!  
Posted 2002-10-07 by Tony Walsh
This article translates a report outlining strange structures, objects and possible alien life on the moon, claiming that "NASA scientists and engineers participating in exploration of Mars and the Moon reported the results of their discoveries at a briefing at the Washington National Press Club on March 21, 1996. It was announced for the first time that man-made structures and objects have been discovered on the Moon." It gets much, much weirder than this, and is worth a read for the outrageous claims. It's like the moon is a giant amusement park of abandoned alien civilization or something.
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