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  A Disturbance in the Force  
Posted 2004-08-24 by Tony Walsh
Inside information on the recent, indiscriminate, large-scale player bannings in Star Wars Galaxies has come to light. A rebellion of sorts has begun railing against the Sony customer service empire. A protest gathered on the Theed server. An ultimatum was given. Sony stormtroopers (customer service reps) shut the server down.

Luckily for those following this interesting tale of customer service gone horribly awry, a couple of SWG members reported on the incident, demonstrating the power of public, decentralized media. A condensed report with a screen-shot of the Sony CSR ultimatum follows:

Allehe: This is Allehe reporting live from a staged protest outside Theed Starport. Just a few moments ago protesting cartoons went suddenly missing -- warped outside our great galaxy. Where have they landed? This we do not know. What we do know is people are angry...and showing their support in banning CREDIT Dupers...also known as cheaters. It appears the Great SOE GODS are favoring the cheaters over the fair and honest gameplayers. I will remain here until there is no news...

This is Allehe
Reporting live from Theed Spaceport, Naboo, Intrepid.

Back to you Dan.


Dan: Thank you Allehe.

This certainly is a sad day for Intrepid. Dozens of innocent toons are either banned, or warped into deep space while trying to bring attention to the tyranical ways of SOE....


Allehe: Dear Citizens of Intrepid....

Your correspondent from Theed has just been booted....
Luckily our friends in Idlewood springs have a starport and I have been able to catch the shuttle back to theed. I will not YIELD. I am here for you.

This is Allehe, reporting live from the shuttle going from IS to Theed, Naboo
Back to you Dan.


Allehe: This news just in from SOE


Dan: Where will the line be drawn? Now SOE is trying to censor legitimate, and bias free news coverage. This will be a day long remembered. Allehe, your dedication and lack of fear are a credit to you and the Intrepid News Network.

May the Force be with you.


Allehe: I have support.... [lists member names]

/fluffs hair
omg am I still on camera?

Back to you Dan.


[Allehe was booted from the server]


Allehe: I am back...finally
After a crash, I have been reassigned to Theed Starport. We have heard many warnings from the sky banners that say -- causing a disturbance will result in a server shutdown...and possible acccount banning. I am here and I will remain here until they take me handcuffed.

Mister Bruceleee suspected Credit Duper is now grouped with me and I am awaiting my exclusive interview. You will hear it hear first OGers.

Back to you Dan


Dan: I seem to have lost contact with our Theed correspondent.

To recap:

1. Protesters gather in Theed to make a stand and let their voices be heard concerning the wrongful banning of innocent toons, and the obvious lack of caring on the part of SOE to take care of the real problem.

2. Protest is broken up by power mad CSRs who begin to warp peaceful demonstraters to hostile locals, such as Endor, or the cold vaccumm of space.

3. Our agent in the field approaches Bruceleee for an interview, and is bumped by the CSRs'

4. Sending in Jedi reinforcements.

5. No contact with field correspondent at this time.


[Allehe warped to the Dathomir server by Sony CSRs]


Dan: Well, it seems that SOE is determined to squash the free exchange of information and news. But thanks to the unwavering dedication of Allehe, and all of the INN team, we will know the truth.

The investigations, and interviews may have to be done it secret, but the news will be broadcast! Your efforts will not be in vain!


Avalie [posting under Allehe's account]: I have just arrived in to what appears to be growing hostility toward SOE. As my collegue Allehe reported before she was unjustly deported to Dathomir with cameraman Supra-Boy Jason, Skipyryr and Arias, people do not appear to be backing down. They are out here in numbers tonight. This is truely a demonstration of how angry the people are regarding this latest credit scandal.

This is Avalie, Jedi and Correspondent for INN SWG: Intrepid
reporting LIVE from Theed Naboo Spaceport.


Dan: Always a pleasure to have you Avalie. Yes, I too belive that the protesters are not going to go away quietly. Unfortunately, I don't forsee SOE doing the right thing. They will try and silence them, and hope the probelm goes away.

Unfortunetly, it is this exact kind of behavior that has led to the protest in the first place. Will SOE come to the understadning that they need to listen to their customers and take action against those that knowingly and willingly break the rules, and not those who demand justice? Only time will tell. And it seems that time is approaching fast.


[Avalie warped to "Death Watch Bunker" where her character was in danger of being killed]


Dan: Avelie, take care of yourself, first and foremost. Unfortunatly, I've come to expect this type of response from SOE. Don't they understand the more they try and silence our voices, the louder we will become?

As a great man once said, "If you stike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

Much more at the SWG: Intrepid forum.
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August 24, 2004 @ 1:13 pm
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