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Posted 2002-11-05 by Tony Walsh
Apparently there's this local hipster mag called "Dojo." Since I never leave the house, I've never actually seen a copy. I managed to find their web site by accident yesterday, and thought maybe I could learn more about the magazine. Here's what I learned: their Web site designer needs to be burned to death. It was nearly impossible to find out anything useful about the magazine.
  • The site features a black "loading" screen while all 685k came crawling down the pipe. Yes, 685k. You'd expect something pretty amazing for that pricetag, wouldn't you?
  • No, there was just a "continue" button.
  • The main menu for this craptastic experience was clumsy and senseless. Menu items had names like "an abstract collective" or "rising suns".
  • Clicking one of these obscure menu items resulted in another long loading time- and I am on my ISP's fastest residential broadband (DSL) connection. The resulting pages didn't seem to be related to the menu items I had clicked.

    In summary, the experience was annoying, and I still don't have any useful information about the magazine. Other than that their designer needs to be burned to death. Worst... Flash... ever.

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