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  ‘EVE Online’ Gets Offline Magazine  
Posted 2005-08-23 by Tony Walsh
Massively-multiplayer game EVE Online is hitting the presses with its own official magazine [link via ffwd]. The 68-page dead-tree publication covers EVE from the outside looking in, and although it contains fiction, isn't an "in-character" magazine. A much more interesting approach would have been to publish a magazine as an extension of the EVE world itself, where each contributing writer is an EVE Online player, reporting on the universe from an in-character perspective. Peter Ludlow's Second Life Herald comes close to this, but Second Life echoes Real Life too closely to invite much role-playing.
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Comment posted by Walker Spaight
August 25, 2005 @ 6:16 pm
Second Life Herald ftw!!!!

I'd love to read EON, but there's no way I'm essentially upping my Eve subscription fee by $5 a month just to do it. Well maybe, who knows.

Have to disagree with you on one thing, Tony: I think a 100 percent in-character publication wouldn't have that much appeal. As we've discovered at the Herald, it's exceedingly hard to find good, consistent writers among MMORPG-heads. I think a quality magazine written by paid professionals would do a better job of shedding light on the game. You can still tell characters' stories, but you also get to hear how and why these are important to the players behind them, to an extent, as well as to the game. Plus you get to explore all kinds of other issues that are broader than a single game-world. If you're doing it right.

For a great example, see this story, which I first discovered on MMODIG.

(And if that link to my site doesn't work, try this one, and let me know so I can kill myself.)
Comment posted by Walker Spaight
August 25, 2005 @ 6:17 pm
Oops. Here's the propert alternate URL for that link to my site:

here it is
Comment posted by Tony Walsh
August 25, 2005 @ 8:36 pm
Excellent roleplayers can also be paid professionals. I'm not suggesting the EON staff be comprised of fanboys writing fanfic. I meant that the news of the day should be written in-character by competent writers. An example of this is Star Wars Galaxies where login bulletins are written in-character but include such events as server closures or new rules systems.

You make a good point about this sort of thing lacking real-world info of interest such as the players behind the characters.

I'm not sure covering "all kinds of other issues that are broader than a single game-world" would be a good mandate for a magazine promoting EVE Online. That would make it more of a general gaming mag, wouldn't it?

[by the way, your link worked for me this time, hurrah!]
Comment posted by Walker Spaight
August 25, 2005 @ 9:24 pm
Eve has an in-game news browser where in-character stories about both players and NPCs (as well as server downtime, etc.) already appear. (The most recent one of much interest was about a player corp that built the first outpost in deep space, I think.)

I do think competent writers who are also avid enough MMORPG-heads to get deep enough into a game to write well about it are comparatively rare (present company excluded). Though Eve, more than most, seems to attract them.

By "all kinds of other issues that are broader than a single game-world" I mean only that in an article like the one linked above, about a year-long heist operation pulled off in Eve to the tune of $16,500, you then get to talk about how the game design promotes that kind of emergent gameplay, whereas if it's totally in-character you lose that aspect of it.

anyway, I'm sure the reason they're going the way they are is because they see it as a marketing tool, as least in part, not just a bald attempt to wring more ISK from us poor capsuleers.

heh my editors will be glad the link worked since it means I will still be around to deliver the stories they're expecting :)
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