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  Notes:  A Sample of Style from the Homestar Runner Folks  
Posted 2005-03-14 by Tony Walsh
HomestarRunner is one of the funniest cartoon series in internet history. "The guys from talk about their cartoons, their five years on the Internet, and show you a bunch of stuff you have never seen..." Including hand-puppets, apparently. The official listing can be found here... my notes follow...

[EDIT: Also see the StrongFans Forum]

[I'm too far back to see the guys, so I'm not sure I'll be attributing the notes to each speaker]

[Intro... enthusiastic applause...]

[Presentation of video they made today... shot on the way from Houston to Austin today... features Homestar puppet... improvised segments... it's hilarious, sorry you can't see it :)]

[they bring out the Homestar puppet... everyone starts gophering to get a better look... the guys start to talk...]

...what should we talk about?... SXSW gave them free license to talk about whatever... lots of stuff to show... [asks how many people have seen the web site, about 60% of the full room]...

[Matt starts doing Strongbad's voice... some improv comedy]

[presentation of video about how they animate the series... hopefully, they'll put it online soon, because I don't want to spoil it... looks like this would make a fine DVD extra...]

[they're now showing some fan art... Matt is doing Strongbad's voice and commenting on each pic... they invite people from the audience to bring up their pics... somebody obliges, comedy ensues...]

[shows some other media from Homestar history... needlepoint... etch-a-sketch... Matt is doing Homestar's voice...]

- they talk about "Limousine," Strongbad's favourite band, shows some images from the upcoming Limousine web site (cheesy rock album covers)
- all the Homestar characters were born of necessity... at some point we needed to consciously create characters... [shows a short video called "Those Darn Cousins"]
- [shows a minisite featuring shorts containing Bazooka Joe-style comic strips]... never got launched
- [demo a Limousine colouring-book]
- [demo a video of a one-legged dog character]
- the rumoured Atari 2600 game may still get produced... [demo some scenes from the RPG that will never get released]
- [demo a new game, 8-bit style side scroller called "Stinkoman"]

[Q&A with Homestar to kill time]

- we have tried the lat few years to try and put something up during the Superbowl half-time... when we make videos, we make them very small to keep transfer costs down... we experimented with a larger video available during halftime... slowed down the site...
- [demo of Peasant's Quest trailer... live action movie spoof... again, another potential DVD extra I'm sure]
- we work between 8 and 26 hours at a time... work in a basement with no sunlight next to a bowling alley...

- 4000-5000 Strongbad emails received daily... about 30% is spam... we spend a few hours a week going through the emails we can use for the weekly update
- inspired by video games... old consoles from Atari 2600 and Coleco...
- we steal stuff from people we hang out with... Three Stooges... the old Batman TV show...
- audience has gotten younger over the years
- never advertised
- no plans for full length 3D movie on DVD... 3D is way out of our league...
- not trying to get on TV... we make a living doing this... why ruin it?
- we will stop when it stops being fun
- there are tons of people out there who might like the show but have never heard of it
- "You can never involuntarily see Homestar Runner..."
- [anecdote about how their old hosting at Yahoo! exceeded the 40GB bandwidth limit by terrabytes... the folks at Yahoo! were Homestar fans and had let the extra costs slide]
- all the illustration work is done in Flash [no surprise there]
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