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  Peril in Paragon City  
Posted 2005-10-31 by Tony Walsh
The City of Heroes, properly-known as Paragon City, has a habit of being invaded by Nazis and space-aliens (but not alien Nazis for some reason). Rampaging gangs are the latest big problem, making the city a bloated mess of crime. Luckily, legions of badly-named superheroes have volunteered for cleanup. I'm one of those heroes. They call me The Midnight Kid--your typical tragically-orphaned teenage mutant with blue skin and superhuman reflexes. I'm a scrapper--I like my fights face-to-face and fierce. I grew up on the streets of Paragon City, but I've had it with gangsters and the filth they made of this place. Time to take the streets back, one block at a time.

Slamming sunlight-killing goggles over my night-friendly eyes, I volunteered my crimefighting services to the first cop I met. He hooked me up with the right contacts, and before too long I was throwing crooks in the slammer three at a time. Thing is, Paragon City's got bigger problems than I can handle. Thugs are everywhere. Average peeps are in trouble 'round the clock. It's gettin' to the point where I just can't save all those Average Joes...they're slippin' through my fingers... Sure, I can run faster, jump higher, and fight harder than ever before (thanks to my official training), but I ain't had a lick of sleep in ages. Busting heads is like a full-time job. I don't know how office-capes can jockey a desk all day, knowin' their city's a twenty-four-seven playground for gang-bangers. I got no secret identity, no home...nothing to lose.

How long can I keep this up? I've cleared warehouses full of crack-heads, bootleggers, and murderers for the suits in City Hall, but my latest contact screwed me sideways. He sent me to meet his pal, this guy in The Hollows, but that side of town's locked up--I don't have high enough security-clearance--too dangerous for the likes of me, they said at the gate. I'm stuck smashing the heads of petty thieves and bottom-rung pushers until they raise my rank. It wouldn't be so bad if I got the occasional courier mission, or time-trial, or scavenger hunt... but this... this constant head-knockin'... it's gettin' on my nerves, and there's no end in sight.

Maybe life's better on the other side... in the City of Villains. All I get here is the constant whine of police-drones.
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