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  Scan Skype Stress With ‘Lie Detector’  
Posted 2006-12-15 by Tony Walsh
A so-called "Lie Detector," which analyzes Skype audio in real time, has been certified as an official Skype software add-on. The third-party program purportedly shows the stress levels of the other person during a Skype conversation, according to a press release by the add-on maker's parent company. A review of the Lie Detector web page shows that its maker has been very careful not to claim the software actually detects lies, but it does relate voice-stress analysis to lie-detection. Skype's house blogger says "You should obviously exercise caution because no analysis can be fully accurate, and of course inform the remote party that you are recording the call." I take this to mean that Lie Detector doesn't by default inform those involved in the call that it's being monitored.

I'd have to use Lie Detector for some time in order to gauge its effectiveness, but that assumes I have a way of proving whether or not I'm actually being lied to and that I associate with people likely to lie to me. Despite the likely shortcomings of the software, I have a feeling some people are going to consider it infallible. If Lie Detector is somehow proven effective, I can see many useful applications for it, such as iTunes integration (listen to a podcast, scan for "lies"), real-time "lie" detection in online games, or a dedicated "lie" meter superimposed on TV news channels.
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Comment posted by Prokofy Neva
December 15, 2006 @ 9:23 pm
Wow, this is awful, and such a good example of how cool new technology is so glittery that even when it is evil, people don't notice and wave away your concerns about it.

I'm sure someone like Mark Barrett of SL Stats would just say, oh, wow, cool, more information that I can use to make my life wonderful. Everybody is a life-logger!

If you complain about it, you'll be told that "information wants to be free". If you suggest that it is a violation of privacy or civil rights, you'll be harangued by tekkies who will tell you this is part of the bright new world of code-as-law in which people protect themselves from the bad things on the Internet like the anonymous "fuckwad" problem with a device like this.

Lie-detectors tests, even in the hands of professional law-enforcers, are notoriously unreliable.
Comment posted by Brace
December 19, 2006 @ 11:46 am
Hey T-Dawg you kin try out that new fangled thingy doo on me :D

Most likely it'll SPLODE just from the utter sessyness of my voice alone...

but its worth a try ;)~~~
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