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How Do Web Game Monetization Venues Compare?
by Tony Walsh on June 13, 2008 @ 3:26 pm
Ryan Creighton of Untold Entertainment is doing a little experiment to compare an array of monetization venues for his Flash-based mini-game Two by Two. He'll be trying to drum up cash using Kongregate, J2Play, Newgrounds, MochiAds, Flash Game License, Addicting Games and finally Armor Games. Thanks to Ryan, I get to see how a very simple Flash game makes money (or doesn't) across the various venues.

So far, Armor Games rejected Two by Two completely, but at least they did it within 24 hours. I think Ryan's experiment is definitely worthwhile, but it's not exactly going to tell us how 'any' Flash game would do--we need more test-subjects. Maybe later this year I can repeat his experiment with one of Phantom Compass' upcoming Flash games.

On a related note, I've been running Google AdSense text ads on a suite of re-skinned and tweaked games (I didn't design or code any of them), and probably make about fifteen dollars a month on click-throughs. Nothing to write home about, but I haven't exactly optimized the pages for ad-space--and the games aren't very good, either. Maybe once AdSense for games becomes a reality, there'll be easier cash to be made.
Yes - key to my experiment is beginning with a game that's not very good. At the end of the experiment, we'll be able to say "now imagine what a GREAT game could pull in!"

i'm really trying to give perspective to hobbyists so that people can figure out who's getting the greatest benefit from dealing with the myriad portals out there. i suspect that developers get the short end of the stick on these deals, but i don't want my biases to taint the experiment too much.

Stay tuned!
Written by RyanHensonCreighton on June 13, 2008 @ 11:02 pm
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