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Phantom Compass Partners With IT GlobalSecure
by Tony Walsh on July 8, 2008 @ 4:38 pm
I'm happy to announce that my company Phantom Compass has partnered with IT GlobalSecure to offer security features integrated from the ground up into our digital and cross-media games. Phantom Compass is in the business of "productive play," and with IT GlobalSecure, we're going to be able to offer our clients and end-users expertly-crafted safeguards against hacking and exploitation. What's the good of a "serious" game if it hasn't accounted for security? From the press release:
Social gaming is growing rapidly and faces increasing security challenges: educational games include high scores that can be hacked, advergames and social games collect sensitive personal and demographic information, and many games need secure payment processing. The partnership between Phantom Compass and IT GlobalSecure brings the best in innovative game design and security to our clients and their customers.
Thanks to IT GlobalSecure's Steven Davis (author of the fantastic Play No Evil blog) for his support. With IT Global Secure, my company can offer a level of secure game data and systems design that other boutique developers aren't even thinking about, let alone capable of offering.
Confirmed: we aren't capable of offering it, nor are we even thinking about it.

Just curious - did this partnership come about as a requirement by one of your clients, and you decided to make the functionality a regular offering? Or are you anticipating a need, and trying to differentiate Phantom Compass from the pack?
Written by RyanHensonCreighton on July 9, 2008 @ 11:03 pm
in Phantom Compass Partners With IT GlobalSecure (comment #5453)

Thanks for asking, Ryan. I can only talk generally about the strategy and say that the partnership was formed partially in response to a need in the marketplace, and partially as a differentiator. Since Phantom Compass isn't just making games for entertainment, we have to take security seriously and communicate the stakes to our clients.

Steve (CEO, IT GlobalSecure) recently posted a great case study of Dutch advergames that showed most were plagued by high score hacks and leader board griefing. This is a great example of why clients in the serious games industry should be looking at proactive security measures like Phantom Compass is able to offer.
Written by Tony Walsh on July 10, 2008 @ 8:43 pm
in Phantom Compass Partners With IT GlobalSecure (comment #5454)

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