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He is Just a Rat, Issue 2
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by Tony Walsh on September 1, 1995

He Is Just A Rat #2 by Tony Walsh, Fall 1995. 40 pages, colour cover, B&W interior on premium newsprint.

Review from Broken Pencil magazine:
"Starts off with Rat Boy working at the Nine-One-One convenience chain. His new neighbors come with a freshly baked pie. Rat destroys them. Kaspar tries to kill the Rat. He wants revenge! Rat gets Kaspar. The plot thickens. Skrunky is diabolical. Only Rotten Chicken Lips can save us now. Okay I love the big crisp pics Walsh gives us, and think that the Rat's surly attitude is really developing -- he's moved from hostility to hate quite nicely. If I have one problem with 2 it's that it's not #1. This issue has less action, it's developing a plot, and that's good, but the Rat kicks less ass. #2 is sort of an intermediary as Tony figures out where it's all going. That Lips is out there. I can feel it in my typing fingers."

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