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He Is Just A Rat, Issue 5
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by Tony Walsh on April 1, 1997

He Is Just A Rat #5 by Tony Walsh, Spring 1997. 40 pages, colour cover, B&W interior on premium newsprint.

Bar proprietor Joe McPhud has had it with those pesky and dangerous Drag Racing Monkeys, and he's about to let his boomstick do the talking...

The Drag Racing Monkey story concludes exclusively online!

Review from Broken Pencil magazine:
"The story continues as our hero, Ratboy, is left to face the invasion of the drag racing monkeys and their alien leader singlehanded, with no weapons but his natural cunning and his ability to eat and drink the most noxious substances and recycle them as even more noxious substances. Also, Scrunky La Bong gets closer to capturing Rotten Chicken Lips, who has taken refuge on the island of fearfulness. This issue is as good as ever. Don't miss it."

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